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Vận Mệnh Đôi Bửu

Being Twins (1992)

(8 đ/ / 1 lượt)

Phim Bộ Hồng Kông 573 views

Vietsub: Hoàn Tất(20/20) 45 phút/tập

20 Tập 1992 Thể loại: Hài Hước

Nội dung phim Vận Mệnh Đôi Bửu

On a stormy night, twin brothers are adopted by the Fat and Thin Kam Lan sisters and separated. Thirty years later, the elder brother, Cheung Yan, inherits his father's business and becomes the lord of Wutian Island, enjoying wealth and power. Influenced by customs, he develops a male-dominant personality. On his wedding day, he takes four wives, with the main wife, Yu Ruyu, being obedient and favored by everyone, just as her mother, Lin Xianghua, taught her.


On her deathbed, Cheung Yan's mother reveals the truth, and he learns that he is separated from his twin brother, Mou Gin Shu. Surprised and delighted, he sends his trusted friend Charles to find him. It turns out that Shu is in Hong Kong and has a family, running a small shoe shop with his friend Chan King Chuen. Shu's wife, Au Ka-Lai, is dominant and career-driven, while Shu himself is a typical "henpecked husband" who willingly submits to his wife's control...

Vận Mệnh Đôi Bửu

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